Hard Floor Cleaning for All Clapham Homes and Businesses

Because we know that your hard flooring often represents both a significant investment and an important part of your property, we provide the sort of highly effective hard floor cleaning Clapham has come to rely on. Restoring your flooring to a great condition that’ll keep on serving for years to come, we use only the most effective cleansing methods when we’re tackling dirt and grime. With us, you get:

  • Powerful cleansing methods for an array of flooring materials: we handle stone, wood, tile, slate, marble, terracotta, linoleum, granite, terrazzo, and vinyl
  • A professional fabric cleaning option: if you’re looking for expert cleaning of fabric coverings, you’ll need our carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning options
  • 24-hour customer care every day: contact us over the phone or online
  • Booking slots that fit in easily: is your floor positioned in a busy hallway or entrance hall? You can get us to clean whenever you’re quietest
  • Comprehensive insurance protection: count on being fully covered by our hard floor cleaning services at all times
  • Clapham cleaners who’ve been trained to the highest level: we carefully train and vet every single member of our team
  • No-cost quotations: call today to provide details about your flooring, and we’ll be able to give you a free quote or arrange an onsite consultation obligation-free

Hard Floor Cleaning – How It Works

Depending on the material of your hard floor we’ll use different cleaning methods. The first thing we’ll do is move any furniture out of the way so that we can see your floor in its entirety, though you’ll certainly speed things along if you’ve moved some bits out of the way before we arrive! We’ll vacuum clean first in order to remove any surface dust and hair, and then test the specialist cleaning solution we’ve selected on a small area. For non-wooden floors, the solution is then sprayed and gently pressured into the floor’s surface using rotary equipment, while wooden floors are treated using the rotary brush heads. The solution we’ve used in your precision hard floor cleaning services will be rinsed and dried, and any protective layer – varnish, sealant or wax – will be expertly reapplied.

Highly Trained Cleaner Carrying Out All Work

A careful vetting and reference-checking procedure, not to mention specialist training in the latest techniques, means that the team that deliver our highly effective hard floor cleaning services are the best in the business. They’ll restore the original look of your floor and increase its life expectancy, all while covered by our comprehensive insurance protection.

How to Book Your Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Dialling 020 3404 1337, entering your details into our contact form, and speaking to a member of our advisory team via our chat facility are all quick and easy ways to get the professional hard floor cleaning services you need. We keep our lines and online support systems fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s always a good time to get in touch with us. Ask any questions that you have, request a free quote, or arrange the hard floor cleaning Clapham homes and businesses rely on now.

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